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Easy Ropes Course Tips for First-Timers

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It’s Not As Hard As You Think!


Imagine being tethered to a line and walking on ropes and obstacles 10, 20 or 30 feet off the ground. While it may seem scary to some, it can also be downright exhilarating—and a huge confidence booster. Something happens when people challenge themselves to do something they’ve never done before—and to trust someone to help them reach that destination. That’s why we’re offering these easy ropes course tips for first-timers.

Many people have benefited from experiencing our ropes course.

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Student groups
  • Scout groups
  • Church groups
  • Corporate team building
  • Individuals
  • And more!

We want to encourage you to think outside your realm of comfort. In fact, most of the first-timers who finish our ropes course want to come back again! And soon! Here’s what we recommend…

Night-Before Tips for Your Ropes Course Adventure

First, we want you to rest up and not worry. You don’t have to complete the course, and you are welcome to participate to your comfort level. So, if you only complete the first level, that’s OK. You’ll make mistakes, but you are safely secured—and you’ll have a coach guiding you through every step of the way.

At Kersey Valley Adventures, safety always comes first. We not only meet industry safety standards in terms of equipment, training, and inspection, we exceed them in order to meet our own high standards.

The High Ropes Course at Kersey Valley Attractions has 100% structural engineered towers constructed by using massive, class 2 utility poles instead of using live trees. Every tower and platform have been designed by a certified engineer and stamped with their approval. Plus, our safety harnesses are full body—and OSHA approved.

In addition, we require snug-fitting helmets for every participant. All hardware used in the design of our High Ropes Course is custom made for the challenge-course industry—definitely not what you can buy at your local hardware store.

The High Ropes Course and all Flight Captains must be certified yearly by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the Red Cross at the CPR/PR level, which is the international standard for High Ropes courses.


Challenging but Exciting!

“I went to Kersey Valley and did the high ropes attraction for the first time yesterday and it was awesome! It was extremely challenging but exciting at the same time & the staff was great!
I’d highly recommend it!”

-Melany Ortiz, Google Review


ropes course tips

Day-Of Tips for Your Ropes Course Adventure

Dress for success! It’s important for more than just the board room. Wear comfortable, but not loose-fitting, clothes. Leave anything home that dangles, such as strings, belts, etc., that can become snagged.

Keep it simple is the best motto. Leave behind anything that might get in the way of your free movement. And opt for snug and comfortable, closed-toe sneakers/tennis shoes or walking shoes.


At Kersey Valley Attractions, we have three different skill levels plus a 34-foot climbing tower. Try one or all four in a day. You’ve got two full hours to do as much as you want.

Beginner: 10 feet high with 14 challenges

Intermediate: 20 feet high with 18 challenges

Advanced: 30 feet high with 18 challenges

Rock Climbing: 34-foot-high rock wall

If you are sensitive to bugs, you may want to use bug repellant before your visit. And you’ll also want to use a strong sunscreen as well because you will be out in the sun the whole time. (Hint: if you need to use both, apply sunscreen first then bug repellant on top.)

You may also want to do a little pre-course stretching. A ropes course is a full-body workout. So, you’ll be using your arms, legs, shoulders, and upper and lower body. Further prep can include balance practice (think yogi tree pose), squats, walking, jogging or light cardio and exercise or weights.

So Much Fun!

“A great experience! Staff is AWESOME, very personable, professional and motivating!
As a first-timer and older, it was challenging but so much fun! We’ll definitely be back!!!”

-Carol B., Google Review


ropes course tips

Easy Ropes Course Tips for First-Timers

You may be unsure of the day ahead. Don’t dwell on your fear or uncertainty. The challenge for many first-timers is more in the mind than in the body. Just know that it will be an adventure and you can trust in your flight captains to help you along the way.

So, get ready to stretch your comfort zone, trust yourself, and discover how much you can truly accomplish. And most importantly, trust yourself.

Also, don’t take the ropes course too seriously. It’s not a competition. It’s a fun way to connect with others—and yourself.

High Ropes Course Requirements

  • Ages 10+
  • You must be able to reach 5 feet and prove your reach at check-in.
  • Weight requirements under 250 lbs. are strictly mandated. We have a scale to weigh each flier before we start to ensure that we meet all regulations.


So, relax, get ready, and discover all that you are capable of!


Ready to challenge yourself?

Click here to book your first Kersey Valley High Ropes adventure!


And while you’re here, be sure to check out our many other adventures—or start planning your next visit now!

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