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Outdoor Challenges for Girl Scouts

outdoor challenges for girl scouts

Building Confidence for Girl Scouts Ages 10+


Nothing builds confidence more than conquering something you’ve never done before―or bettering an acquired skill. You’ll find some of the best local outdoor challenges for Girl Scouts right here at Kersey Valley Attractions!

Girls can stretch their comfort levels in a fun and safe environment at our High Ropes Course (for ages 10+) and Zip Line (ages 10+). Each attraction provides the perfect high-adventure action with our top-certified courses and instructors.

**BONUS: In the fall, we offer a Kiddie Zip Line for younger girls to experience a low-level challenge.


The Perfect Activity for a High Adventure Challenge

In 2019, Girl Scouts of America (GSUSA) introduced High Adventure badges for both Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts (grades 9-12). And Kersey Valley provides the perfect opportunity for leaders to help girls earn these badges. If a troop is unable to come, individual girls and Juliette girls are welcome to try their adventure at Kersey Valley on their own or with family and friends.


Students Had a Great Experience!

“I took a group of high school freshmen on the high ropes course as part of an experiential class trip. The staff was welcoming, pleasant, helpful, reassuring, and everything I could have wished to help the students have a great experience.”

-Jessica Osnoe, Google Review


Your scouts will learn both leadership skills and team cooperation techniques on our High Ropes Course. Working a high ropes course involves communication, decision-making, and teamwork. The purpose is not to ‘leap forward’ and leave your fellow scout behind, but to traverse the High Ropes Course as partners and teammates. If one or more girls feel confident in their abilities, they can encourage other girls to discover all that they can do.

By working with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, girls can accomplish a goal together and develop a new appreciation for one another. Girls may even see their fellow scouts—and even themselves—in a different light. How amazing would that be?

outdoor challenges for girl scouts

Get Ready for Your High Ropes Course Experience

If your Girl Scouts have never experienced a High Ropes Course, we make it easy with three different skill levels plus a 34-foot climbing tower. Try one or all four in a day. Your Girl Scout Troop has two full hours to do as much as they want.

Beginner: 10 feet high with 14 challenges

Intermediate: 20 feet high with 18 challenges

Advanced: 30 feet high with 18 challenges

Rock Climbing: 34-foot-high rock wall

And don’t worry. You and your scouts don’t have to go it alone. Every group of participants gets a certified instructor to help them learn the ropes and guide them through the course. All flyers will be equipped with harnesses, helmets, cables, and ropes to keep you safe on your journey through the sky. Those who don’t wish to participate can watch from our nearby benches. But we encourage you to suit up. You never know what you can accomplish until you try!


Positive Vibes the Entire Time!

“I took my high school volleyball team to Kersey Valley high ropes course for a team-building activity. It was such an awesome experience! The staff was funny, informative, supportive, and very attentive. There was always someone available throughout the course. I loved the fact that the staff gave instructions and were supportive when the girls were having difficulty with parts of the course. They were just awesome, nothing but positive vibes the entire time!”
-Udell Littlewood, Google Review


Benefits of a High Ropes Course

Every person’s experience is different on the High Ropes Course. But we have often seen these results, no matter the person or challenge.

  • Climbers experience elements of both risk and high adventure.
  • Participants can stretch their comfort zone and discover new strengths and abilities.
  • Individuals can conquer a challenge that may seem difficult.
  • Team members view each other in a new and different way.


The higher you go, the greater the perceived risk may seem. But the true risk is actually low. And each participant gets to achieve their own individual level of success. So, get ready for an aerial adventure!


Top Off Your Adventure at Kersey Valley

When your High Ropes or Zip Line adventure is over, you don’t need to head home. Kersey Valley Attractions offers a generous. Onsite picnic shelter area and grill during your stay. These amenities are free. You’ll just need to reserve them in advance of your scheduled day.

High Ropes Course Requirements

  • Ages 10+
  • You must be able to reach 5 feet and prove your reach at check-in.
  • Weight requirements under 250 lbs. are strictly mandated. We have a scale to weigh each flier before we start to ensure that we meet all regulations.


Ready to challenge your girls’ skill levels?

Click here to book your Kersey Valley High Ropes adventure!


And while you’re here, be sure to check out our many other Girl Adventures—or start planning your next visit now!

Souvenir patches available for purchase: High Ropes, Zip Line, Corn Maze, and Gem Dig.

Zip Line
Indoor & Outdoor Axe Throwing
Escape Rooms
Laser Tag
High Ropes Course (3 levels)
34-Foot Rock Wall
Bee Education Center
Jumping Pillows

Corn Maze
Kiddie Zip Line
Pumpkin Patch
Gem Dig
Spooky Woods

Book Your Girl Scouts High Ropes Adventure Now!

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