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Spring Time High Ropes

Spring time in NC means it’s time to get outdoors and lose that winter weight. One of the most fun ways to get back in the groove is to take on the Kersey Valley High Ropes Challenge Course. This is a serious course, nothing to joke about here. But, with the encouragement of our super friendly staff you can do it! Not only will the challenge course at Kersey Valley High Ropes whip you into shape it tends to bring out the best in people to help each other through the challenges. The Ropes Course is a 2 hour long session that starts at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on weekends, but always check the online availability to see what is available. It’s time to dust off them sneakers and get yourself into hero mode and take the challenge of the 3 levels of the Kersey Valley High Ropes Course. Don’t forget the 34ft rock wall is part of the course and you are welcome to see if you can make it to the top. We look forward to seeing you on your next adventure at Kersey Valley High Ropes!

Rope Obstacle Course

Rope Obstacle Course

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